I'm Johan Hallenberg, an UX-engineer currently living in Stockholm and studying at Hyper Island.

I'm passioned about human needs & behaviours, foremost in its relation to an digital enviorment.

Therefore I've spent parts of my education understanding the concept of design thinking and prototyping along with grasping insights to design & develop an easier way to find out answers regards Hyper Island, conduct design research to create a graphical profile for one of Stockholms biggest tech-exhibitions and spent most of the time developing, user research & iterating campaign sites fighting sexual child abuse.

Most recently I worked on a project iterating the workplace for grocery shops. My responsibility included creating prototypes, wireframe and designing the interaction flow for our solution.

On my spare time I like to travel, sport or hangout with my friends. Sometimes I dwell into subjects that I find interesting - as of now I'm neerding out about the future & psychology of UI.

When I'm not doing any of these things above I dream about conquering mount everest.